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Virtual Memory

Originally Posted by alexh View Post

You think that is what it is? I think it is more likely poor software. I do wonder why windows uses any VM when I've got 4GB of RAM!

Except things crash all the time cos you're not supposed to switch off VM?
Yes indeed I've upgraded from 2Gb to 8Gb last month and when my system boots I have exactly the same amount of used virtual memory when i had 2Gb

When I use Reason with my default starting rack it uses the same 300mb of VM.

Any Windows program is VM dependent. Linux is more elegant using VM. The Mac is totally VM dependent.

Amiga OS till 3.9 was not build to work with VM. When i used VMM in WB3.0 it was slow as hell. But at least you knew when the programs were using it.

Regarding the subject of this thread everything was already said. AmigaOS was ahead of his time on the glory days. Now is a hobby. It's very elegant, configurable and easy to use once you know the basics. But no real alternative to Windows or Mac OS X.
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