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Really nice collection oli_hd ! how many rooms for all your computer stuff ?
Well 90% of it is just in the one room, Along with my Sinclair collection and scrap PC`s (All totally gutted of harddrives and CD-Roms, Waiting for the skip)

My A4000 powerhouse is kept where I work (A backup computer for the company, Its kept in the front cabin of a boat).
I use it a lot (unfortunatly not for internet access, Its over 30 Meters from a phone socket and the PC wont let me network my Amiga to it
(Dead Intel ethernet card on the PC? £4 from a computer show)
Its mainly used for playing Doom, Quake and Payback on but also doubles up as a nice Video CD player (Its got a DVD but they are to expensive), Its going to get its PPC removed soon, Im working on the Amiga Coldfire project thing and next time the PPC blinks I will rip it out

The collection was ment to be much bigger but I can never find the cash when I need it, I really wanted that Amiga Nxy on auction a while back, I but in $450 and still didnt get it
I am one of those very sad Amiga people who just buy Amiga`s, Any Amiga`s.. I need help... No wait, changed my mind, I like it

Thanks for the welcome, Glad to be here

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