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Vitual Memory kills the pc for multitasking still, and causes many video playback glitchyness that has been mentioned here.

Use every pc without vm, and you will have no such video problems. Though it still won't make multitasking better, but may help.

The amiga was designed very well to multi task. A modern pc still has a hard job to do so, needs at least 64bit (or better) lots of cpu cores, real memory etc.

The amiga only became good with added cd, hd, MHz and more memory. Shame it was a locked architecture, that left no room for further upgrades for console users. And had to modify amiga into a tower just to add extra bits needed. Then still you needed a gold reserve to buy all the extra bits that you needed.

For a games machine it was good in the day, against todays games machines for graphics, speed and sound not so good. For original game play it still a good games machine.
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