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Originally Posted by Nostalgeek View Post
Dune: All your base are belong to us!

Well, I love the title.. but the player is the one who will get PWNED, so the player can't take any bases.... but hmm.... think that title could also work the other way around.... like "your base" is the players "are belong to us" is the CPU that will crush the player.. so


unless someone post a better one sometime :P.. the game is far from finished... so, lots of time to choose... but think this one will be it

ps, no need to link to a explanation place... think most of us know that phrase already ..... at least I did.
Originally Posted by keropi View Post
DUNE: the "chill out bro" edition
Yeah, like the CPU is coming with all its units to the player's base, just to "chill out".. then the player gets but-raped...
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