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Originally Posted by Akira View Post
Whoever wants and believs a comeback of the Amiga will happen in some sort of way or the other, are as hopeless as those expecting Jesus or Aliens or Whatever come back to save us.

Poor zealots.

I love my Amiga and I really liked the OS (still one of my faves, I Admire the simplicity and tidiness of the system structure... look at a messy unixish system to flee in horror), but zealotry pisses me off, and is what allowed 'phony' incarnations of Amiga inc. to extend the agony of teh system and make a quick buck out of these idiots and bury the Amiga name under miles and miles of elephant shit.
You and I have been fighting zealotry in here for a while.Most of those we tried to reason with and failed have seen the light, 4 or 5 years later.
Hell, how many people do we both know now that praise Mac OSX and have abandoned Windows? Too many to count.
People need time to see the light I guess.
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