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Give suitable titles for my (hopefully) next mini-game (or ZOD will pay you a visit!)

So, I got more than a couple Amiga related mini-games in the works, but paused the others and started a new one (damn me!), it's a Dune 2 mini-game.

The idea for this game is:

1. You got two minutes to build your base with the credits you have at your disposal.
2. There will be no production time.
3. When time is up, and/or you press the "start battle" button, the fight begins.
4. Your goal is to stay alive as long as possible... the longer = more score.

So, it's a survival game, and you can't win

I havn't decided on everything yet, I make stuff up as I go

Some quick ideas for titles:

Thinking of "Dune - Defender".... "Dune: The Defender"... or something like that....


Dune: The Inevitable Defeat!
Dune: Go Out In Blaze And Glory!
Dune: Make It Count

meh.. donno :P. If ya want a backstory, it could be:

"You have been fighting for control of Dune against Ordos and Atreides (as u play as harkonnen in my game) but now you are down to your last resources. Defeat is inevitable! Try to take as many with you as you can!"

or something.... sad, yes :P.... as harkonnen actually are the strongest of the houses....... well, think it's suitable anyway as you CAN'T win in this mini game :P... so...
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