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Originally Posted by pubzombie View Post
Hi Tinto,
I am a gamer, I was a gamer when the very first electronic games arrived and have had em all over the years. The amiga and c64 were/are my favourites. I never did anything with my miggy's other than play games, I may have formatted a few disks back in the day, but thats all. Having a miggy again is great, but i hate the OS!! I can build a peecee and upgrade drivers and encode video etc but cant do diddlysquat with amiga, and its just not intuative either.
games, me want games
The Amiga OS was really quite relatively painless back in the day and in my opinion very easy to use , its just because you were kind of forced to use PeeCee's and use drivers to run games that you know how to use a Windows system, but installing software and getting things to run on the Amiga really was and is a piece of cake.

And for those games that were not meant to be installed on the HD (as in no install script) and were Amiga DOS disks (unprotected), it just meant a manual install, so you would copy all the game files to a directory on the HD and then assign each disk.

For example, in the user startup, it kind of went.

assign realmsdisk1: dh1:games/realmsofarkania
assign realmsdisk2: " " ... etc

Shared libraries were another great idea, with you simply copying a new library to the libs directory and then if you had the same library that you were copying across or the install was copying it across it would simply ask you "if it was the latest version" if you would like to overwrite it.

Anyway... in a nutshell, the Amiga OS was beautiful to use and as simple as anything, but yep, today its well behind the times
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