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Originally Posted by Paradroid90 View Post
Hi guys,

Going to build a uber Linux box with Ubuntu installed.
Originally Posted by Paradroid90 View Post
Just curious was Amiga emulation is the best, most stable and easiest to set up.

Is it AROS with E-UAE running on top.

Is it E-UAE running in ubuntu

Or is possible dual boot into x-amiga and how easy is this to configure??

Want to still to use WHD, Amiga Sys 4 and Install Octamed and HD demos with some Personal Paint.

Whats the way to go guys???????

Im all ears!!!!!!!
Hi Paradroid,

In the first part of your post, it sounds like you've already made your choice.

But, seriously, of the three options you are considering, E-UAE on X-Amiga would be my choice.

There is no need for a fully-fledged Linux installation in order to run an Amiga emulator, and X-Amiga is a mini-Linux distribution with exactly that in mind. The X-Amiga website ( ) has all the downloads and guidance you will need.

Plus, E-UAE ( ) is always available in the latest version compiled for Linux/x86, whereas the AROS version lags behind somewhat.

I'm not an expert, but it seems like a clear choice to me.

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