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OK, You asked for it
I have:
An A500 (KS2.04, 2 Meg fast ram, A590, A570, Hand scanner)
An A600 (viper 630, Kickstart 3.1.)
An A1200 (Bog standard but with 2.1Gig HDD)
An A2000 (C2630, 2632, Buddha flash, A2088, A2090, GVP Spectrum)
An A3000 (8up, Buddha)
An A4000 (68040)
An A4000 (My super machine) (68060@50 PPC@233, ISDN surfer, IOBlix + ethernet card, Picasso IV & Pablo (TV tuner), DVD Ram, CDRW, 5disk 16X autochanger, Emplant (Mac & PC), Powerflyer gold, OS3.9)
A CDTV (Standard)
A CDTV (OS3.1, 2 Meg fast ram, SCSI TV, 520Meg HDD)
A CDTV prototype (Standard but with IR rework & flash board)
A CDTV CR prototype (Bog standard)
A CD32 (With TVR modem and remote)
A CD32 (Bog standard)
& a dead A2000 motherboard... :laugh

Thats the Amiga`s I have, The list of all my computers are a little larger (Even my phone has a RISC CPU with 16 Meg of ram).. :eek
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