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Ok so I decided to start again...

1. Install W3.1

2. Add CDROM support with ASIMCDFS

3. Install OS3.9 REBOOT

4. Boot into 3.1 and add CDROM support to os3.9 from OS3.9 CD REBOOT

5. Boot into os3.9

6. Updated 68k libs from Thomas' link above REBOOT

7. Added BPPCFix to C: and added "BPPCFix Install >NIL:" to SUp-Seq

8. Installed WarpUp4 and updated it to 5.1 REBOOT

9. Installed BB1 REBOOT

10. Installed BB2 - added SKIPROMUPDATES "exec.library" QUIET to SUp-Seq

11. Installed CGXV3 REBOOT

12. Updated CGXV3 to give BVision support REBOOT

13. Ran tests - Whichamiga, Showconfig, ShowCGXconfig, VoxelRace Window. All ok (Exec 40.10) BPPC 040 @ 25mhz 603e @ 210mhz found, BVision found.

14. Backed up OS3.9 install to spare partition

15. Waiting for BVision cable from

Thanks for the help so far...
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