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Hey, now that we're at it... How does Amiga OS 3.1, 3.5 and 3.9 stack up against Win 3.1, Win95, and Win98?

I'm looking at and the 3.5 came out in 1999, more than 1 year after Win 98. Doesn't sound like a very clever thing by Commodore...

Obviously, I'm guessing AmiOS 3.1 was better than Win3.1? But was that the cut-off point in versions, and after that, the Windows platform made the quantum-leap to Win95?

I see here that Amiga OS 3.9 came out in the year 2000, a much better release-date compared to WinXP methinks. One full whole year ahead of WinXP and all.

But how do these later AmigaOS's stack up against their Windows-competitors?

Maybe you guys that know all this stuff, could run them down with these 3 primary versions.

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