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What's so great about AmigaOS?

Hi All,

The thread title sounds more accusatory than intended, so bear with me

When I had an Amiga back in the day (before I got my new A1200 this Christmas!), I really only used it for games. Sure, I messed about a bit with AMOS, and Workbench, and Octamed and a few other things, but mainly it was a games machine. An awesome games machine.

So, now I have my new A1200 and I'm getting back into the scene. I'm a programmer, so thought it would be fun to go back and program one of these old machines. Anyway, I've been lurking on these boards, and many others and reading as much as I can about everything - and it's all very interesting.

One thing that has surprised me, though, is how many people still love AmigaOS and hope for its return in some way, or just still use it on a daily basis. So, I ask you, faithful Amiga Scene - what was so awesome about the AmigaOS? Are there features that were in it that we don't have in modern OSes that you'd love to see resurrected? What in particular do you love about it so much?

I'm really interested to hear people's views on this. From my recent dealings with it (3.1), one thing I've loved is the ASSIGN command, and being able to assign any folder to some globally-accessible name. That's really useful. I love being able to have my programming: "drive", my currentProject: 'drive" and so on. Very nice. But what else? This, obviously, can't be the only thing...

Great board, by the way. Found LOADS of interesting and nostalgia-ridden stuff here!

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