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I agree. It's so sad just sitting there all broken with the last news item probably from 2004, though they don't tell. Perhaps there is some way to reach the rights holders and beg? Source would be nice too, considering how the development has stopped.

Meanwhile, there are several of those Vapor applications on the Netconnect 3.1 CD, available at least from amigakit. I got one of those for like £5 on eBay, and the CD had something of a key generator using which you can make a netconnect key with your name. At least the versions of the software distributed on the CD work fully and naglessly with just that.

I also know I run some other version of AmTelnet, and I think I tried some other version of AmIRC though I seem to recall the later betas didn't work. Unfortunately I don't think later Voyagers worked either. I basically needed AmTelnet and didn't bother that much with the rest. has a form somewhere to request proper application keys based on a netconnect key, but I never got a reply on that so I guess no one processes them anymore. Either that, or then whoever I bought the CD from had already used it and didn't see fit to reject me with a comment.
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