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iBrowse Crashing my A2000 :(

Hi all, first some specs...not complete, but stuff that I think might be related to this problem:

Nexus SCSI card with 4MB
A2030 with 4MB
MegaChip (2MB Chip upgrade)
AmiTCP TCP/IP stack
Hydra Systems AmigaNet NIC
iBrowse 2.4

Now, when running iBrowse, the machine will "reset" to a guru & then crash beyond help, reset is the only solution.

It happens after only a few minutes of browsing.

Rkauer told me to set my iBrowse cache to RAM, not my boot partition (as is default), which I did.

Before changing cache to RAM it would kill my boot partition. It does not damage it now, but still the resetting happens.

Perhaps this is a RAM conflict? Not enough RAM/RAM in different places (on different cards)/etc?

Would a solution be to devote one of my HDD partitions (non-bootable of course) to iBrowse cache? Will iBrowse still kill a non-boot partition if caching to it?

Another consideration is that the A2000 is running only Classic Workbench Lite & the A1200 is running Classic Workbench Adv. Adv has Fblit, but not sure if Lite does...maybe iBrowse is just filling up all my Chip RAM & then that is why the machine dies?

I really do not know what to A1200 is running exactly the same iBrowse configuration (just different NIC & AmiTCP setting for NIC) & works fact I am posting with it right now.

Please, any advice would be great!

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