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This looks amazing! I'm downloading the demo now. First impressions are good, and if it holds up to my expectations then I will definitely buy this one.


Well, after playing the (horribly bugged) demo I'm less keen on this. The main character is so annoying you just want to put a sock in her mouth. Turning voices off isn't enough, THAT'S how annoying she is And she walks so calmly when you direct her around. You can press space to zip between action scenes, but I'd rather see her haste when she moves around.

All objects you will interact with are real 3D objects, and being rendered with crisp edges they stand out from the smooth background, constantly drawing your attention and hinting you to what you're supposed to do in every scene. With a little bit of work these could've been smoothed and blended into the scene nicely to make you less attentive of them. Maybe this and other details are fixed in the full version.

On the upside, the graphics are beautiful.

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