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What was on his web site exactly?

Was he publishing Amiga Kickstarts and Workbench?? if so then you are not allowed to distribute them due to a massive copyright protection held by Amiga over the top of them.

I don't honestly think that Amiga can do anything about sites that have permission from game developers, demo coders, music writers etc because it has nothing to do with them.

I say, if your site is legal worry not - IF you get the e-mail from Amiga check the header using Outlook Express - it may very well be a fake e-mail from many sites that currently allow users to enter an email FROM anyone they choose.

This means you can fill in the TO: box and the FROM: box and make it look official as fuck - until you check the header and it tells you that the E-mail came from a very different server.

Caution is advised to those offering kickstarts and Amiga trademarked software over the web though.
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