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Eek Wb3.0, MiamiDx and strange menu behaviour.

I finally managed to install MiamiDX, and get the registration files in place.
Now, I have a problem configuring my Miami.
Because there are an awful lot of drop-down menus with that circular arrow. I have serious issues with trying to change the options, as the circular arrow does not cycle trough the options, and the drop/dragdown list just flashes briefly before closing again.

I am not quite sure what is going on.
Should I be worried? :P

My machine is aAmiga 1200 with a 500-ish meg HD and a 68030 accelerator card+8 megs of extra RAM (Do not ask if it is chip or fast, I am not sure, lol).
I have got Workbench 3.0, MagicWb2.1p and Mui3.8 installed,
and Miami Deluxe 1.0c.

And yes, I am a newbie. However, I used to play a lot with my Amiga 500+ HD so I do know something. It just needs to come back somehow.
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