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Amiga must haves

Ok so about 9 or 10 months ago (or longer) i came here and you guys were very helpful, especially vroom.

anyways, i discovered amiga through my uncle, i was much younger at the time.

so since discovering that emulation spread to amiga as well ive been collecting all of the "must have" and "greatest" games. basically seeing as google cannot furnish me with an answer to the greatest amiga games i have come here for a definitive list from the horses mouth.

ive already got my favourite games but now i want to play those games which you guys consider to be YOUR personal greatest of all amiga games.

so pile on your favourite games here or link me to a "top100" thread or something. id like to play all those games ive either missed out on or just totally never heard of.

cheers guys.

:edit: move this thread if its in the wrong place but dont yell at me, ive posted here like 3 times.
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