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Originally Posted by dframeli View Post

Yes, I have the Amithlon/AmigaXL combo CD and I also have a QNX CD, but I don't know if I created QNX CD myself, or if I got it from QNX.

Actually, I have 2 QNX CD's, one is in a QNX mailer, so I know that one came from QNX. Not sure about the other one... Is your Amithlon/AmigaXL a 2 disc set?

The problem with VMware is that I cannot install anything using the Amithlon/AmigaXL CD. VMware simply won't boot from it.

I have AROS, BeOS, QNX, RedHat Linux, ReactOS, and a whole slew of Windows OS's ruunning in virtual machines, but with this Amithlon/AmigaXL CD when I start the installation, I get a little text on the screen, then everything goes black as if nothing else is happening.
Hi Dale,

Yes, my boxed AmigaOS XL pack came with 2 CDs, a Registration card and a license agreement for the "AmigaXL" executable and AmigaOS, i.e., the box contained mostly fresh air!

The QNX CD carries the inscriptions "QNX realtime platform", "For non-commercial use" "" "09/03/01" and "QNX Build a more reliable world", so it should be easy to tell if this is the one you have. (I can upload a scan of the CD artwork if you would find it useful.)

I think the probable reason why Amithlon fails to boot when you try it with VMware is hardware incompatibility, probably with the graphics card. AmigaOS XL won't suffer from this if we can get it installed on top of QNX v6.4, due to the hardware support it offers. I've had one or two ideas concerning this - more about that next time.

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