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Originally Posted by FOL View Post
The ST emu on PSP runs fullspeed. I have done this in the past, if a game runs really bad, then I try it on castawayPSP.

Waits for the flames, . I started my 16Bit experience on the ST (as it was released a year before the amiga).
Yeah, the Amiga may have come late to your country.

No flames here, everyone knows the ST was a simple machine and therefore dead easy to emulate. The presence of the ST had an adverse effect on the Amiga games industry back in the day. But that was a long time ago, so I doubt anyone cares now. *passing on the bait*


Me and Spiv would like to do a port if we have time, or more realistically, help out with a new version for GP2x+. Let me know if a dev starts caring for GP2x+ again...
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