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Yes, I have the Amithlon/AmigaXL combo CD and I also have a QNX CD, but I don't know if I created QNX CD myself, or if I got it from QNX.

Actually, I have 2 QNX CD's, one is in a QNX mailer, so I know that one came from QNX. Not sure about the other one... Is your Amithlon/AmigaXL a 2 disc set?

The problem with VMware is that I cannot install anything using the Amithlon/AmigaXL CD. VMware simply won't boot from it.

I have AROS, BeOS, QNX, RedHat Linux, ReactOS, and a whole slew of Windows OS's ruunning in virtual machines, but with this Amithlon/AmigaXL CD when I start the installation, I get a little text on the screen, then everything goes black as if nothing else is happening.
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