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Originally Posted by Eik View Post
is this a known bug (v1.01 german)
The German 1.01 version has an infamous save/restore bug. If you save the game in certain places (happened to me in Gryban's fortress on Lyramion and later in the palaces on Morag) and then restore the game, all buttons, traps, walls etc. are reset to their original state making it usually impossible to continue the game.

For example, you pull a lever to disable a trap, save the game and restore it, now the trap does exist again but pulling the lever won't disable it anymore. And if you're on the wrong side (think pendulum), you won't even get to the lever in the first place...

This was fixed in the 1.05 version, at least the bug never occured while I played that one.

You can play the buggy version if you always save the game before entering buildings, then either not save within the building (obviously meaning you have to solve that particular one in one go which can be hard on Morag) or to a different slot so that you can always fall back on the safe one from outside the building.

If your problem is indeed this bug, you hopefully have an "untainted" save game, like one from when you arrived on Morag for the first time or so. If not, you're probably fucked. You might also try installing the 1.05 version and copying over your save games from the 1.01 one to see if this helps (keep a backup).
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