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Well, I was shooting for something very UN-TV Sports and I think Squash fit the bill pretty nicely. Jai Alai was also a consideration. Cody also had a rather amusing entry, but I don't know if he wants it posted or not. If I post any more, I won't have any stuff for the magazine (which I am still working on...damn it takes a long time to produce a magazine!)

If anyone else is either artistically inclined and thinks they can do quality renderings of fake Amiga games (preferrably ones that parody existing Amiga games) or has some funny ideas for fake Amiga games but no artistic skills, please PM me and perhaps it will make it to issue #1!

And since I am on the topic of PoV, any mail for the letters page(s) is also welcomed. I always wondered how a magazine will have a letters section on the first issue, so this is how PoV will attain this. (Just PM me...)
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