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Ahh the Good old Archie *sighs*

Nice Article

It’s very hard to compare the Arch and Amiga from a technical point. The arc was never meant to be a games machine, lacked a blitter/copper and was better suited for serious and 3D applications. The extra speed from the Risc design and fast memory access usually allowed the Arc to power it’s way past it’s 2D gaming weaknesses, but I can’t help thinking how a few dedicated video chips could have turned it into one kick-ass games machine had the budget allowed.
Quite. I was always jealous of friends with Amigas, for the games they got to play. This might sound weird but having played or rather "emulated" both Arc and Amiga Versions of Canon Fodder (not a scientific test I know) the Amiga version looks better, but the sound is better in the Arc Version....

And yes the "end" / break up was horribly messy. Risc OS is still going though and there have been a few machines (much like the new Amiga one) built on non RISC hardware - Iyonix, A9 home. but these have been developed by third parties as Acorn no longer exists (and even they have stopped production... same problems... who wants to pay £1200 for a low-spec PC, just because it runs Risc OS....

Not that I'm being picky but your Screenshot actually shows Risc Os 3 which was far nicer than OS 2

I actually went out and recently got myself a copy of "Strongarm Virtual Risc PC" - (yes I know I'm sad). and I plan on having it Running Risc OS 6 just "because I can" lol and at a fraction of the price a "new" machine would have cost me at the time.

Silly Silly People Acorn/Commodore *slap* you both had good things going and yet you made the same mistakes.... (pricing, marketing etc)

I mean really, When the Risc PC came out it was the best part of £1200 for a base model Now it was a nice bit of kit BUT... seriously, when you could buy 2-3 IBM compatibles for that price, is it any wonder Tesco "Acorn" computers for schools, became Tesco "IBM-PC's for schools

Right enough my Pee Cee Runs Amiga/Risc OS far faster than the old hardware could

bleh I want my Arc back now... wish I'd never sold it... mind you the money I'd spent on it (as I'm sure you chaps will empathise )

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