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Re: ADF to DMS?

Originally posted by Sune Salminen
Is it possible? I mean on the PC side of things. The Winfellow page says XDMS can do it, but it doesn't look like it from the docs. Is there a PC ADF tool that can do this? Or even better - an Amiga program that doesn't run in a Workbench environment (kind of like X-copy or something) that i can run in WinUAE?

I know there are several WB based utilities, but i am looking for one that doesn't run under WB.

The reason i want to try this is that i am having difficulties transferring some ADF's via serial port to my Amiga 500 - and i would like to try to transfer DMS files and then write them to disk on the Amiga instead.

ADF to DMS - any solution you can think of will probably help -whether it be emulator (but non WB) or real Amiga 500 (no harddrive, 1 Meg RAM, three 720k drives) based.

okies, this is how I convert adf to dms:

Step1: Open UAE
Step2: mount the dir that has all your adf files.
Step3: Create a script with the following commands:

dh0:c/adf2disk SuperCarsRules.adf
dh0:c/dms read SuperCarsRules.dms from df0: cmode none

ok the first line takes the adf file and writes it to df0 the second file reads it from df0 and writes it as dms. There now you have converted an adf to dms.

A little tip, if you are converting 1000s of adf's to dms do a "dir > filenames.txt" under dos in the dir containing adfs. This will write a file listing all the adf filenames... then its just about opening your fav editor and do a macro to append the the commands around the filename.

Hope this helps.
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