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Originally Posted by FOL View Post
lol, Why?

I just a normal person like you. What I have done with PSPUAE is mostly guess work, struggling on my own.

Im going to try my hardest now to get this core added to pspuae. I have the PSP ASM 68K core, but am unsure how to get it running. Gnostic said I need to check the registers (still trying to figure 100% out what he ment ).
I never knew you are a coder/programmer. MUCHO respect to you. If it wasnt for people like you then emulation wouldnt exist and I wouldn't have had so much fun and got another amiga. I am bidding on a psp at the moment but really need to get it cheap, have seen them go as cheap as 20 quid on the eburglar sites. (with no games) I gues I am just stuck in my ways with games. I am a military historian and history teacher and lecturer by trade, and I grew up playing military type games with fight sims and strategy games forming my staple diet. I still enjoyed shooters but the style of games I really loved always seemed to require a keyboard and joystic/mouse and were much less common on psx and nintendo consoles. Moreover, I just couldnt get into the console generation back in the day, I hated the Mario games and Sonic type games were just pointless for me. Perhaps I am biased, but i just found computer games were on a different level for me than console games; after the market crashes of the 1980s and 90s i still played my old games much more than the newer ones. Just stubborn I gues. I want a panny because using virtual keyboards i find very difficult. anything else it does will be a bonus.
Again thanx for your work, I hope to sample pspuae very soon.
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