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Eek Another Newbie....


Just thought I'd drop in and say hello
Kinda New-ish to the Amiga Scene... I'll explain. I say new-ish, in the Mid-late 90's I had an Acorn A3010 which Ran Risc OS 3.10....

What has this got to do with Amigas ? Everything and nothing. Most of the Games I had for the A3010 were Amiga ports (company called Krysalis I beleive) First Game I bought was Lotus 2... the soundtrack is rattling in my ears as I write this WinUAE.

Have an Arc Emulator as well, and can play all my non "Amiga Ported Games" but alas finding Arc copies of games such as Lotus 2, Canon Fodder etc is rather difficult/potentially expensive on the fleabay... sooo, I figured Amiga Emulation was the way to go (since I've found a stack of old Amiga stuff a neighbour was about to throw out!)

Anyways I will post my requests for help in the other section....


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