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Originally Posted by T_hairy_bootson View Post
Your question:

Is not relevant to your statement:

The processor is designed to run at 900mHz without cooking itself in seconds. Why would they design a processor on a SOC designed to run with no heatsink that would cook itself in seconds?

But then I must be blinded by the hype for believing them over someone making wild statements on the internet with no research on the actual architecture of the device.
Fair enough, just been reading up on this, it proberly does have a heatsink (built into the core).

I think we should wait til its released and used by people before commenting. Also this seems to be an on going discussion over at gpx32 forums. Quoting figures and frequencies, but no concreate proof.

If they have a prototype, why dont they just hammer the CPU and report the findings, would save all the discussion.
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