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Originally Posted by Antiriad View Post
I remain sceptical of the pandora, the wiz's screen is too small... psp is the best but its amiga emu does need a asm 68k core
Im trying to figure it out, got some help but still may not be able to sort it, . I hoping, the asm core can be added to PSPUAE. I was let down by a well known coder, who kept promising, but never delivered.

Originally Posted by lostfriend View Post
mmh, but the pandora has 256MB RAM and a 900Mhz CPU clocked to 600Mhz, that 8 times more ram and double the CPU speed of the PSP. And the big advantage is you dont have to hack your device to get any emulator running, nothing has to be done in the grey side.
Lets just wait until it got released and people posting their reports.
The PSP has 2 cpu's, sharing between the 2 can help.

I also doubt they will ever clock it to 900MHz, unless your going to redesign it not to over heat.
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