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Hi Dale,

My new perpetual licence key unlocks both the full and lite versions of the QNX v6.4 installer.

The bad news is that the lite version gives the same problem as the full installation in that the CD-ROM drive is not visible from the desktop.

The QNX v6.1 CD I have installs a desktop with a very similar appearance to this katest version, but not only does the CD-ROM drive show up, but there is also a Software Installer menu item which can be accessed using the Launch button, which allows AmigaOS XL to be installed as a desktop application. When installed, a separate menu item is created so that it can then be launched in much the same way as, for example, the included Solitaire game.

You have the Amithlon / AmigaOS XL installation CD. It should have come complete with the QNX v6.1 installation CD. Did you not get it?

Originally Posted by dframeli View Post
I don't know enough about QNX (or Linux) to know how to manually mount the CD.

Once the CD is mounted, I think QNX has a explorer type application that we can use to run the installer. If not, there is probably a command prompt utility.
I downloaded some documentation from the QNX website. I'll have a look to see if it mentions how this can be done.

It may be necessary to add some startup commands to the to the boot process. There is one small clue: during bootup, just before the GUI is launched, the message "Starting extra run commands" appears briefly. Maybe we just have to find out what the appropriate run commands are and how to add them here.

In my next post here, I will summarize what happens when I install QNX v6.4 on my machine, before I forget and so that I can refer back to it if necessary. Also, you will be able to confirm whether or not it is roughly the same as what happens when you install it under VMware, before we look for the next part of the jigsaw.

I just wish I knew why this latest version of QNX has these extremely important elements missing from the default installation!
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