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Does a complete prototype Natami exist? Do software developers have devboards?

It is delayed by 3 months, not cancelled. Current delivery is scheduled for March-April. With regular updates and demonstrations being shown. Anybody who wants a refund can get one at any time. Somebody else will step into their place right away. They have 4000 pre orders. Obviously 4000 people are willing to pay in advance for something that only exists in prototype.

The amiga emulator with sound exists, just a youtube vid of it doesnt. As soon as a youtube video of it does exist I will let you know.

In the meantime heres a current youtube video of the unfinished Pandora playing an mp3, running firefox and gimp all at the same time. The plastic and keyboard keys are going to be different on the final version and the operating system isnt yet optimised for the hardware.
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