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Originally Posted by Akira View Post
I think that the pandora has little to do with the gp2x and I don't see it commercially viable, or with any substantial features that would make me want to buy it instead of a PSP3000, DSi, an iPhone or even a subnotebook computer.

For those interested in Pandora, what drives this interest? I'd like to know, for me it's a very clumsy, unfathomable idea.
Its a computer the size of a DS with keyboard, gaming controls and touchscreen. More power than any of the devices you mention except for the subnotebooks which are lot bigger than a DS.

IF that doesn't appeal to you then you should just buy PSP, DS and iphones.

Pandora has a lot to do with the gp2x because they are both open source, indy or amateur developer friendly and the people making the pandora are the gp2x English and German distributors based on what the gp2x community said they wanted in the ultimate handheld. I was there when we were being asked what we wanted and didn't want. Different layouts were drawn up by members of the gp2x forums and discussed. Various SOCs being chosen and discussed. Even logos and designs were all done by the gp2x community.

They aren't trying to compete with PSP or DS. They are making something for a very niche market. A little company is trying to do something different than the main stream, quick squash them.

It has taken longer than expected, but really its a miracle they have gotten as far as they have being total first timers at getting a project like this together. Added to that the recent financial crisis and their bank funds all being frozen and having to refund every single credit card customer etc.. It has been a very interesting project to keep a close eye on. No other company has ever been this open afaik when developing a product like this.

If they are pulling a scam like many think they would be long gone by now and the amount of people they have involved it is one very elaborate scam.

Remains to be seen if it is vapour, Those of us who support the underdog have seen how a less powerful console like the gp2x can outperform the more powerful PSP only because of the talent of our scene's devs. Imagine what we will be able to achieve with more powerful hardware.
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