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I use the following Amigas:

a500/68000@7.14/6mb ram,~512mb hd,cdrom,ham-e,networked via PLIP to
a1200(T)/030@50/18mb ram,~7gb hd,40xCDROM,silversurfer,PCMCIA ethernet networked to
a3000/060@50/SCSI2,~64mb ram,2gb hd,opalvision networked to
a1200/060@50/SCSI,34mb ram,~512mb hd,PCMCIA Ethernet networked to
a4000/060@50/SCSI2,~100mb ram,~15gb hd,toccata audio card, cybervision 64/3D gfx card,X-Surf,Emplant Pro,Catweasel,Yamaha 2100S 16x10x40 CDRW,DDS2 Streamer

also i have an

a2000/060@66 (oc'd)/34mb ram,genlock,cdrom,2gb hd
(Not currently networked)

and some spare a500's and a1200s in the cupboard

oh, and you can see what my wb sort of looks like at
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