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Originally Posted by dframeli View Post

If you recheck the QNX website, you'll find that you can also request a perpetual non-commercial "hobbyist" license key to use that does not have an expiration date
Thanks for the advice Dale!

I've just received my perpetual "hobbyist" license key.

It caused a bit of confusion at first when their registrations page realized I had enrolled on their "Evaluation Program" yesterday, but after a delay of five minutes or so, during which time I was wondering whether I had blown my chance, the email came through nonetheless!

BTW, I should say that I installed my copy of QNX v6.4 today and I now understand the problem you are having installing AmigaOS XL.

The AmigaOS XL CD presents the emulator as a QNX application installable from CD-ROM. However, when I got the QNX desktop up, there was no menu option for installing software, nor any means to access the CD-ROM drive! Is this the problem you have with the installation?

I'm wondering whether the 'Lite' version of QNX v6.4 is the one we really need. The full version puts the emphasis on creating applications for the QNX RTP, whereas all we need to do is run such an application. I was given the option of downloading the 'Lite' version yesterday when I applied for the 30-day evaluation key, but I wasn't able to find it there today. If you can find it, could you give me a link please?

[Edit]Found the link:
I couldn't find it by navigating the site while logged in to my account. However, I tried again later after I had logged out and bingo! I'm downloading it now, but I'm not sure whether it will be what I'm hoping for...

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