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Well, we're back and the show was very good overall!

I discovered that it was organised by Dave Green, an ex-Amiga Power journalist who now does stuff for NTK (, one of the the groups involved in it all. I told him that I remembered him in AP, but he didn't seem to be too impressed...

There were a wide variety of stalls and on-stage events at the show, including a French man who made a cybernetic parrot sausage, a guy wearing a ZX Spectrum, a sing-a-long about computer/other stuff to "Hey Jude", a presentation about Hollywood and music studios trying to control technology for money, a pro-piracy talk and some Spectrum programming heroes.

fiath and I managed to represent the Amiga quite well (hopefully) - we had a load of Amiga game boxes in a pile for people to check out and an A1200 with loads of WHDLoad installed-games. Unfortunately, a 6 year old child looking like Haley Joel Osment hijacked the A1200 and played it for a large part of the afternoon.

We represented CAPS (the Classic Amiga Preservation Society) and also HOL (our own Hall Of Light games database).

Our stall was in next to the entrance, but also in the same section as The Redundant Technology Initiative ( - a passionate guy using old PCs to do creative stuff), (Chris Abott ran the stall - the guy who did the Back In Time C64 remix CDs) and a quiet university professor-type person who had lots of Sinclair prototype machines.

The only downside was the small number of EAB posters who came along - precisely 1!
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