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2 games by kalisto on the amiga??

Some time ago I bought a game pack containing 5 kalisto games for the PC. These included Fury of the furries, Breakline and S.C.Out

Problem with Kalisto's games were their really pickish system requirements which means it's almost impossible to get them running on a modern PC now (couldn't get breakline running for a while either).

I know Fury of the furries was released for the Amiga, but was S.C.Out or Breakline ever released? S.C.Out was a somewhat puzzleish game which should've had a fair chance of being converted since it's basic gameplay and graphics was simpler than fury of the furries.

Breakline on the other hand might not have been converted which is a shame since it's one of the best breakout clones I've played yet what with the hills on the playfield and other features. Unfortunately this also featured high res graphics which might've been too much for a normal Amiga.

Any info on these two games? (They're not in tosec, I checked.)
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