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Hi dframeli,

Prior to attempting to re-install AmigaOS XL on my PIII system, I have been reading my copy of the final issue (26) of AmigActive magazine, which features a first look at the OS XL package and the two emulators it contains. There are a couple of interesting points which I have not previously investigated:
(1) It is the underlying QNX real-time platform which gives AmigaOS XL its wide range of hardware support, and
(2) QNX can be installed under Windows into a hardfile.

The QNX install CD I have is version 6.1, whereas the version you have installed is 6.4, and the later version is likely to offer better support for modern hardware.

I have today downloaded a QNX v6.4 standalone installation and boot CD image from the official website ( ). This is the same image from which I assume that you got your installation. There are other CD images for download which will install QNX under a Windows or Linux host OS. I may also download the Windows image later.

It occurred to me that an AmigaOS XL Installation Guide might be more useful if it is based on an up-to-date QNX RTP installation, and it will be interesting to see whether the new range of hardware support offered by the later version has been added to the existing support given by the earlier version, or merely replaced it. I'm really looking forward to finding out!

I'm going to try this on a new hard disk tomorrow.
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