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help find a rts game

looking for a strategy game with 2 factions alien (grey's) and terrans... don't know if they were named this way.

the base:
-there is a central "pilon" with a number of hexes around it on wich you build your buildings. and when you place a build order a spacecraft comes and drops your building on its designated hex.

-even though there are other "pilons" on the map you can't use them.... if the enemy destroyed your last building it's game over.

about the units:
-i remember a unit being called "s.a.r.g.e" it was a cyborg with mechanized legs,

-some unit names "osphrey" "bargerer" "s.a.r.g.e" something like those

-grey units had the ability to see at night

-money was extracted out of small craters that were on the map. they would give limited amounts of money until they were depleted and after that a previously depleted crate would become active and so on..

-also you had a commander that if he died he would be recovered as many times as he died, also he had the ability to "motivate" the units so they would become stronger for a small period of time

-you had the ability to play both factions

i'll post more details as i remember them

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