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Originally Posted by maddoc666 View Post
It runs from a squirrel PCMCIA interface to a centronics (I think and hope i spelled that correctly) connector.
nod, how could I have forgotten about one of these interfaces, I own one. Yes it is differently scsi. I do have a couple of scsi cdrws so they are out there.

I'd be more likely to use the Amiga, read all the disks in as dms or adf and burn to iso standard amiga and ibm are happy with and worry about restoring them ibm end later. I'm sure there are many options. I'm even thinking you don't need them to be physical anymore either as such. UAE probably will run them straight from dms/adf format if you wanted to view the disks someday down the road.

As for Knight Rider I'm sure it bridges the gab however I hardly ever watch anything since watching something is not interactive, entertainment like that is simply entertainment for the sake of it, very low priority in my life if it rates at all and I haven't watched tv for well over 15 years. What do I do? well it's ain't boring
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