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Many thanks for the welcome and greetz. That to me is the great thing about the Amiga community. Fellow users & more amiga tech savy are always willing to help each other out. More so than the PC culture we have grown to love and loathe at the same time. Still, I suppose as Amiga users we were/are more able to help as we had/have more of a standard or all round platform to help each other with.

Think i may go for the TwinExpress option, null modem cables are a bit more easy to come by nowadays compared to Laplink if my memory serves right. (and more compatible).

I Think i actualy used TwinExpress at one point a long, long time ago too. If i remember rightly, it had a program for each machine for transfers. One for the PC and one for the Amiga, Only got the software on the Amiga due to having a nice PCMCIA CD-Rom i used on the 1200 (Still works to this day, at least 11 yrs old now, lasted longer than most of the DVD Burners i have had on the PC), burned to disc on PC and ran on the A1200.

Can't remember though, does the TwinExpress software transfer and crunch at thesame time e.g. DMS or some other format? Pretty sure it did.
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