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New here but not the Amiga

Hi everyone, i'm a bit of a noob to the EAB but have used various Amiga systems in my life . I'm really just posting to ask if there is an easy/lowcost (aka. FREE ) way that i can copy the data from all the Amiga disks i have over to the PC (Still hate using that word, always stood for P*sh Computer to me back in the day).

Main reason is, i feel it would be of benefit to have a backup as it were, of all my rapidly agaeing demos, games, homemade Octamed music, without the fear of my disks grinding like an old man's arthritic condition when i put them in my drive.

Is it possible to do something like this without major mods to PC or Amiga, like via serial connection etc.

Any help on doing this would be greatly appreciated.

P.S. I have 1 A500
1 A500+ (With Ram upgrade, Unsure what breed though)
1 A600 (faulty A601)
1 A1200 (170Mb HDD, Still works, surprisingly)
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