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What u say gilgamesh, is actually what the perfect amiga should be, I have asked myself aswell what the amiga was and tbh it was "just" a console disguised as a computer, now this might sound bad, but thats not the case, imho that was one of the amiga's most powerfull strengths, a system that every teen in europe owned for games and was able to use with just slamming in a disk if he cared less, but with the possibility to do something constructive instead of just loading up the next game after another and where a standard was set, unlike with pc's without hardware limits. On amiga certain limits was allways set for people to work under, for combatibility reasons so most people could enjoy your work, the way those limits scaled leaves room for discussion, but if commodore wouldn't have been the ones holding the amiga back, i'm pretty sure we would have seen it competing with the consoles of today.
Something the last so called computer enterainment system might want to take a note on, might help move some consoles, instead of holding back
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