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Welp, I'm living my dream already, SAM with 4.1 and it's simply brilliant

brand new black tower, brand new 22" DVI LCD running at 1680x1050 although I may drop it to 1440x900 once I get my fill, brand new DVDRW and brand new 320g and 160g HDs

Just installed brand new SDK and will soon embark on programming etc

Life is great with the AmigaOS as it was back in 1986 when I got my first Amiga, I own roughly 40 different systems now and own nothing else but Amigas

Apple isn't the only thing elitest, I'm quite happy to leave most of you behind in your anti (realistic stance) Amiga outlook, be happy I certainly am... put me down for quite a few more SAM or alternative OS4 systems also, and lets pray they stay custom Hardware
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