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Originally Posted by T_hairy_bootson View Post
I appreciate people who had one loved it, but for the rest of us who didn't, we just stand there shaking our heads thinking: "are they for real?"

It's fair enough that people loved it, but I don't want to pay to read for the one millionth time about manic miner or jet set willy. There are too many other great retro games and platforms that are completely ignored by retrogamer so they can waste more ink circle jerking each other off about the speccy.
LOL you do have a point there. I liked the speccy coz it was all i had until i got an expanded Vic20 and then a C64. I still emulate it occasionally but only play a very few games. I would like to see in-depth interviews with the early programmers of speccy games because they were the foundations of a very innovative British software industry. They will help us create an historical record of the birth of the industry we have today. However, I still believe Chaos by Julian Gollup was one of the best games ever made, call me crazy and poke me in the eye with a rubber keyboard. but I play it on Gp2x firmware not under emu these days
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