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I finally got around to trying the excellent BlizKick on my 1200 (OS 3.9 BB2). I sent a few hours last night installing it and reading the included docs but I seem to be having a fundemental problem.

I've got a Blizzard Mk4 (030) which is a meant to be a supported card. I've enable the MAPROM feature by removing the MAPROM jumper off and verified that it's working (eg I lose the expect 500k of Chipram).
I've started off with a very basic BlizKick command line (which I have as the very first line in my startup-sequence):

'BlizKick Devs:Roms/[my_rom]'
But it just cold boots to a DOS shell with BlizKick 1.24 complaining that I require a board with a MAPROM feature?
Anyone got any ideas?

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