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That's strange, I was using HighGFX without FBlit and constantly running out of Chip RAM, but ever since I've been running it it's been smooth sailing, plenty of Chip to spare. You can disable parts of the patch individually so it doesn't clash with other patches. If you want, I can send you a copy of my Startup-Sequence to show the list of patches I'm running on my A1200 (030/50/32MB/Indivision/Subway). I'm running 3.1 though, not 3.9, so there could be various clashes.

Also, if you'd like I can start you off with a good 16 colour palette that you can add to. The colours I've got in it are used by various Workbench applications and games, as well as any custom graphics I make for programs like SabreMSN. The palette includes the standard 8 Magic Workbench colours (used by MUI and many other applications), the standard final four Workbench colours (Red, Green, Blue, Orange) as well as a darker green, darker grey, brown and yellow. If you're going to make and lock a palette, you'll need at least those colours and add several shades of others. You could also just lock those 16 colours and leave the rest of the pens free, then just remap your image to 48 colours or whatever is remaining and Workbench should alcoate free pens to those colours.
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