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Originally Posted by Daz@Retro Gamer View Post
If we've done something to offend you then please get in touch.
Heh, its nothing that serious. A long time ago I had lots of people emailing me congratulating me for appearing in RetroGamer and they thought the interview and article was cool.

Now I wondered what they were talking about having never given an interview, assumed it would be about Thalion and went and bought the issue.

However it turned out that they were talking about an interview with an "un-named" person about the game Starfox 2!

I dont remember reading all of it and I cannot remember the details but I remember it was quite eerie when reading it! So close to what happened it was just plain freaky. Like someone had read my diary. The people who emailed me knew the "inside story" about SF2 and mistook the Anonymous guy for me.

There is really only one other person it could have been... but I was surprised that he would have had the time for retro or been able to discussed it, even anonymously, given his position.

Either that or there is someone out their taking credit for something they had no real part in.

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