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If you're going to run Workbench in AGA you really should work out a good universal fixed palette and lock it in with FullPalette, then use VisualPrefs to make all your window borders and everything look alright.

Install ImageStudio, (it's on an old CUCD or on Aminet). Save an IFF/ILBM image with your new palette.
Open ImageStudio and load the image with your Workbench's palette. Save the palette (call it Workbench64.col or something I guess), then load the 1024x768 image you want to use as your Wallpaper image.
Load a palette. Select your Workbench palette, and choose Floyd-Steinberg dithering, click OK, and save the image as an IFF/ILBM file.

You should now be able to load it in Workbench Pattern prefs. If you're using FBlit (which I highly recommend for your setup) it won't use any extra Chip RAM to display a pattern in the background or in Workbench windows.

I'm running my Workbench in 16 colours at 1024x768 with the Indivision and I've got some really nice results from just this low colour depth using this method.

Good luck!
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