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Originally Posted by Photon View Post
Well, after some (great!) on-and-off development, sadly the devs seemed to have favored the greater userbase of the PSP, despite its screen and joystick. If some of the devs had liked their GP2x and kept at it, Amiga emus on GP2x had been much better off. But they were few, so there seem none left.
Well I would'nt have said PSP had a bigger user base as such. Plus Gnostic was making ground on UAE2x, but real life took priority and sadly that emu died.
I have done the best I can with PSPUAE, as all the other devs left. I remember over at the gp2x boards, they acussed me of stealing devs. I found this rather amusing as we were only sharing code that whould help each others projects.

I think its quite good, as its very compatable and runs atleast 80% of games decent with some config tweaking.

Im also interested to see how it turns out on the Pandora, shame they didnt release a preview with sound.

Give PSPUAE an asm core and it will be faster than uae4all gp2x. Even PSPUAE Fame C is slightly faster than the uae4all gp2x Fame C version.
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