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Originally Posted by Daz@Retro Gamer View Post
hi everyone, Im looking into which retro gamers do and don't buy the magazine and would be interested in your feedback.

If you don't buy Retro Gamer, what is it that you'd want to see each month to make you purchase it. If you do buy the mag, what do you like/dislike about it.

I'm trying to work more closely with the bigger communities so any help you can give will be grreatly appreciated.
Hello Daz

I've been a subscriber now for around a year and a bit..


Interviews with game designers
Hardware Retro inspections
Back to the Nineties/Eighties bits
'The making of' sections
Quality of the magazine

Why get rid of the old style listings in the back - enjoyed that!
Crossing over the boundaries from Retro to newer gaming platforms
Those crappy t-shirt adverts in the back that make you look like a puff
Where are the women in bikini's modelling the old hardware on Retro inspections?
Collectors Corner - used to be 2 page spread.. now actually a corner!
Needs to have MORE content to cover the major platforms..
'Things to look forward to' section.... New games? No! We want new old retro hardware being remade

Overall though it's a good/decent magazine. Just needs a bit more sugar/papyrus...

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